The general suitability and eligibility requirements set out in Parts V3 and V4 of Appendix V to the Immigration rules must be met. The applicant has to show that they are ‘genuine visitors’ in accordance with Home Office policy. This has a wide array of requirements which our competent solicitors can guide you through.

If you’re applying as an academic

You can stay in the UK for 12 months if you’re applying as an academic. You must prove you’re highly qualified within your field of expertise, on sabbatical leave from your home institution and visiting to either:

  • take part in a formal exchange with a UK counterpart carry out your own research

  • take part in someone else’s research, teaching or clinical practice - as long as this doesn’t involve filling a permanent teaching post

If you’re applying to visit for private medical treatment

You must prove that you:

  • have a medical condition that needs private consultation or treatment in the UK

  • have made or paid for arrangements for consultations or treatment

  • have enough money to pay for your treatment, support yourself without using public funds and pay for your return or onward journey

  • will leave the UK once your treatment is completed, or when your visa expires

  • are not a danger to public health if you’re suffering from an infectious disease, such as leprosy

If you’re applying as an organ donor

You can only visit the UK to donate organs to:

  • a family member who you’re genetically related to (for example your sibling or parent)

  • someone you have a close personal relationship with (for example your spouse or friend)

You must prove that the person you’re donating an organ to is legally allowed to be in the UK.