A bail application can be made for a temporary release of a person detained by the immigration authorities for the alleged breach / non-compliance of the relevant immigration rules.

It all depends on the immigration history of the detainee, his social and family circumstances, the alleged breach of the immigration rules, and the evidences that could be provided addressing the alleged breach / non compliance of the immigration rules, whether a bail application can be successful or not. There are rules and procedures that need to be strictly followed in order to identify the issues, assess each related factor that can be used, observe time limits, comply with the requirements and the procedures, and making up a good case for a bail application.

It is therefore best to leave this matter with competent professionals who have got extensive experience in handling bail applications as an oversight of an important issue or document may lead to refusal of bail application making it a more complex matter.

Bail is a temporary relief for the detainee and it is extremely necessary to sort out his immigration matter on a permanent basis for which we may have to lodge an appeal, seek injunctions from the higher court or make further representations in support of his immigration matter.

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If you or any of your friends and/or relatives have been detained by the immigration authorities and you wish to lodge a bail application or have got other immigration issues relating to your / your family members, just give us a call or send an email and leave the rest to us.