The word “Appeal” means an application to a court for a decision to be reversed by an executive body. By lodging an appeal, you challenge the decision of the decision maker, who may have made a mistake in considering your initial application.

All visa applications made from within the UK or from overseas are not successful and for some applications, a refusal by the ECO or the UKBA triggers right of appeal for the applicant. There are rules and procedures that need to be strictly followed in order to identify the rights of appeal, lodge an appeal, observe time limitations and comply with the court procedures.

    Appeals to the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal
    Who can lodge an Appeal?

An individual who has been refused one of the following visas may lodge an appeal against the refusal:

Entry Clearance Applications

  • Family Visit Visa
  • Spouse Visa
  • Fiancé` Visa
  • Unmarried Partner Visa
  • Family Permit Applications (Under EEA regulations)
  • Elderly Parent Settlement Visa
  • Persons exercising rights of access to a child
  • Dependant visas to join a person having limited leave to remain in the UK
  • Representatives of Overseas businesses
  • Domestic Worker Visa

It is very important to seek help at the initial stage as at later stages you may only be permitted to argue on a mistake of law.

If you would like to lodge appeal against the refusal of your visa application or your appeal has been dismissed by the Ld. Immigration judge, or permission to appeal has been turned down by the Senior Immigration Judge, or have got other immigration issues relating to your / your family members, just give us a call or send an email and leave the rest to us.

Lodging an Appeal is not a DIY job and we strongly advise you to seek professional help who are competent in handling the complexities of the immigration matter. We have got extensive experience in appeal matters and have been able to obtain relief for most of our clients who were wrongfully refused their visas or ILR applications.