Disputes can, and do arise in any transactional matter either it be in a domestic or international transaction or these disputes can disturb drastically not only the businesses but relationships as well. Therefore a great care is required to resolve them effectively and efficiently. We have experts who have professional trainings to resolve almost all kinds of commercial disputes through Litigation, Mediation and/or Arbitration.

A Successful arbitration always requires a deep analysis of the law and issue involved in each case, information about arbitrators, good drafting, appropriate answers to the issues We are fully equipped with the expiries to resolve any kind of dispute in any domestic or international transaction.

International Commercial Arbitration

An effective Arbitration clause in any commercial agreement serves like a safety valve whereby parties resolve their disputes avoiding extensive and expensive litigation route. An arbitration clause, in an international commercial agreement, is itself an agreement within an agreement. Such an agreement to arbitrate provides an effective way out to avoid all risks associated with litigation in a foreign jurisdiction.

We have expertise who are familiar with the rules of all major arbitration platform around the world i.e. ICC, DIAC, SIAC, AAA, ICSID etc