Judicial review application is a remedy that is available to the aggrieved party once all other remedies (for e.g. appeal or reconsideration) have been exhausted or where there is no remedy available. This is a check and review procedure conducted by the high court on the decisions made by the executive body (i.e. UKBA).

Following are some of the circumstances when JR proceedings may be lodged against the decision of the UKBA:

  • The UKBA refuses application for leave to remain (visa extension or variation of leave to remain application) without giving any right of appeal.

  • The UKBA cancels or revokes your leave to remain or entry clearance without a right of appeal

  • The Secretary of State Home department refuses to exercise her discretion (outside immigration rules) in your favour.

  • The visa officer in British Diplomatic post overseas refuses your entry clearance application without a right of appeal.

  • The UKBA refuses your application for citizenship.

  • The UKBA refuses an application for sponsorship license to employ overseas workers or recruit overseas students

  • The UKBA revokes sponsorship license of an existing license holder business

There have been many instances when the UKBA accepted our pre-action protocol representations that we made for our clients before Judicial Review proceedings and got our clients` matters sorted out without going to the High Court.


What Can We Do For You?

If you would like to lodge Judicial Proceedings against the UKBA`s decision to refuse you leave to remain or have any other immigration related matter just give us a call or send an email and leave the rest to us.